Writer/Director - Paul Holbrook

Paul is a screenwriter and director from one of the toughest neighborhoods in the city. Aside from constantly being on the run from the fashion police, he shows an authentic eye and innate instinct for what working-class people want and need, and that’s something that shines like a beacon throughout his work. Consequently, his work has earned him many plaudits and awards along the way, which hopefully one day we'll hear the bloody end of.
He’s also earned international recognition for his work making the final 1% of the prestigious Academy Nicholl Fellowship (The bloody Oscars mind!).

Writer/Actor - Joe Sims

Joe is another one of those actors who thinks because someone laughed at one of his anecdotes down the pub once that he should give writing a blast. Probably in the same way that because he once put a plaster on his own knee he’d make a decent brain surgeon. 
You’d think this wildly misplaced self-belief in his own limited ability would have caught him out by now, but bizarrely people still let him on the telly, so we might as well let him have a bash at writing too? I mean, who’s he hurting? And at least if he’s sat in front of a computer trying to be funny he’s not ostracising himself from his friends and family with his unrelenting “fuckin’ lefty snowflake” political discourse on Facebook.
Give him a series before he spends another Christmas alone.

Amy Trevaskus - Writer

Amy is a writer with a wicked imagination that has captured the hearts and minds of both children and adults alike. She is currently developing a number of projects that have garnered both plaudits as well as the interests of numerous production companies internationally. 
When she isn't messing around with Paul and Joe on comedy stuff, she's usually found behind her screen, writing expansive period dramas, or ear-wigging down the local shops as she fuels her knack for down-to-earth dialogue or trains her eye on the next bit of local gossip she can pitch as a story idea.​
Amy also has a bronze, silver and gold swimming survival badge.