Ordinary Joe - 6 x 30 TV Comedy
(In development with Sky Comedy/Yellow Door Productions)
Based on the viral urban legend. A habitual loser masquerades as a car park attendant at Bristol Zoo, defrauding both the popular attraction and the local council. She must bring in enough cash to keep her father in an expensive care home whilst resisting the meddling of jobsworth officials, the trappings of newfound wealth, and her blackmailing, money-grabbing ex.

Whatever Happened to Pete Biscuits? - 6 x 30 TV Mockumentary

An exploitive TV documentary crew follows the unremarkable life of the disgraced 90s children's TV presenter Pete Biscuits. The seemingly mundane "Where Are They Now?" story takes a turn however when Pete proclaims to be able to hear the voice of God...What if he's right?

Gwentboys - 6 x 30 TV Comedy

Katie Pimm is an ambitious working-class assistant at a prestigious record label who attempts to reform the semi-successful Welsh boyband 'Xcite'. However, the "Gwentboys" entirely justified, debauched reputation and the scandals that follow their narcissistic rights-holding ex-manager are a constant spanner in the works as she battles misogyny, ego, and toxic masculinity in her attempts to smash through the glass ceiling of the music industry.

Fishponds - 6 x 30 TV Comedy

After his successful London life falls apart, George returns to his hometown of Bristol to work for his loyal brother. In trying to rebuild his life back home, he struggles to reconnect with family, friends, and the working-class culture he'd long left behind.
*Written by George Turvey.