Bristol AF is an emerging production company focused primarily on TV comedy. Founded by writer/director Paul Holbrook, writer Amy Trevaskus and writer/actor Joe Sims. 
We are three Bristolians driven by a deep love for our city and an insatiable desire to tell Bristol-centric stories. To bring TV projects to life that celebrate and champion West Country talent both in front of and behind the camera. Projects that are authentic, original, and above all else, funny AF.
Fiercely proud of the West Country and coming from all sides of the creative process, we are committed to making television that is in response to the stories we grew up with, the stories we relate to, the stories of local legend, and the stories that are intrinsically woven into the very fabric of Bristolian culture - all with a universal, international appeal. 
Big stories, memorable characters, and returnable concepts; are all grounded with a unique sense of place and driven by fresh, rebellious, and crowd-pleasing laughs.
 We love what we do and we have some absolute beauties to bring to the screen, and we're staunchly dedicated to making that happen, as well as making sure that everything we do is...Bristol AF.